Daydream Believers

kid jobs

Lately, the kids have been preoccupied with their future plans. Little Missy, at the ripe old age of four, spent weeks weighing the pros and cons of marrying various classmates, and has finally decided on one nice little boy to become Mr. Little Missy. Little Mister, while admittedly has no…

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Color Me Less Annoyed

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There’s this new trend out there -have you heard of this?- adult coloring books. This trend is becoming so popular, now Target is carrying them in their books section. In fact, adult coloring books are topping best seller’s lists all over the world. All sorts of experts are touting them…

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Birthday Wishes


Little Missy and I share a birthday, which is rapidly approaching. And while she is a tightly wound ball of excitement and sparkles where her birthday is concerned, I’m slightly less enthused at the prospect of gaining another year. She envisions a day of brightly wrapped presents, pretty dresses, balloons,…

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