Goodbye 2015!

goodbye 2015

Hello my dear friends!

I am ashamed by my lack of writing and keeping up with all of you over the last few months.  How are you? What’s new with you? Let’s have a cup of coffee and chat. Pull up a seat and tell me everything.

What have I been up to?

Let’s see. Well, since last we spoke, we have Trunk-or-Treated, Thanksgiving-feasted, and holly-jolly-jingled-jangled our way through the holidays. Lots of friends, lots of family, lots of laughs, lots of food.

And now, I’m sitting staring at my calendar, thinking, “How the heck is 2015 over already?” Everyone’s talking resolutions and goals, and sure, I have those, too. But, before 2015 is officially over, I wanted to take a moment to look back over the year and celebrate the accomplishments already made. Because, that’s what the whole New Year resolution thing is about, isn’t it? Growth throughout the year, positive changes, advancements, both professionally and personally. What good is setting a goal if you first don’t look at where you’ve been?

I didn’t really have a solid resolution starting out in 2015. I knew I wanted to make changes. I knew I wanted to start focusing on me and my dreams. The kids are in school, the Officer would be busy with his things, so 2015 seemed like the perfect time for me to start thinking about what was next in my life.

Towards that end, I took two online writing courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and made some new friends along the way. I started this lovely blog, where I’ve met even more lovely people.

Once the floodgates opened, I couldn’t close them again, and have actually written two manuscripts that are currently in various states of revision. One day, hopefully, they will make their way out in the world one way or another.

On the personal side, the Officer and I have made 2015 a year for us, making date nights and our own quality time more of a priority. Now that the kids are older, this has been much easier as they seem to need a break from us as much as we need one from them.

The house is still a mess. There’s clutter everywhere. Seriously, we are two steps away from being hoarders. I really need to clean out closets and wash windows. But, we’re focusing on the positive, right?

I’m positive 2015 turned out to be a pretty good year.  Everyone is happy and healthy and moving forward. The kids are growing and learning so fast that at times I struggle to keep up with them. The Officer is building his dreams, exploring additional employment and career paths. I like to think I had a hand in all their successes. After all, while they’re out conquering the world, someone has to keep them fueled with meals, and dressed in clean clothes.

What else could I ask for? Besides a clean house. But, let’s face it, that’s pretty much an urban legend.

On that note… I hope 2015 was as good for you as it was for us. I hope it was a year filled with growth and love and dreams fulfilled. At the very least, I hope it was a year of building blocks, setting you up for a fantastic 2016 and beyond.

Until next year, my friends. Stay safe. Stay positive. And as Dory said, “Just keep swimming.”

See you in 2016!





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