Game of Catch Phrase

The Officer and I sat down to watch the season premiere of Chicago Fire, which was a big mistake. Not the show, mind you, but watching it with the Officer. Pause here, rewind that. Eye rolls, laughs at inappropriate times. Apparently, while I’m watching for the pure entertainment value, he’s watching as a self-imposed technical consultant.

Anyway, at one point,they all pile into a truck to respond to a call, as they are apt to do multiple times on the show – it is Chicago Fire, after all. What good would it be if it showed them cleaning trucks all day? I digress. The Lieutenant slides in the front seat, hangs his arm out the window and gives the door two good pounds, while shouting, “Let’s roll!”

I paused the show and asked the Officer if he had a cool catch phrase he uses at work, to which he laughed and said, “No, I do not.”

Which got me thinking – what would be some truly awesome catch phrases for him to use when responding to a call? Do any of your firefighters have any good ones he can steal, ahem, borrow?

Here’s my list of options for him:

Mount up!


Party on!

party on

Firefighters assemble!


To the truck!

to the truck   

Let’s ride!


Let’s do this thing!


Flame on!

flame on

Up, up, and away!


Onward, hose!


Punch it, Chewie!

punch it chewie


What more can I add to this list? Hit me up with some great catch phrases!

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